Bedford 2020 Car Show

New York State's First Fuel-Efficient Car Show!

Get behind the wheel of today's most advanced
Hybrid, Electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars —
with MPGs from 45 to 105!

Ride and drive:

  • Tesla Model S
  • Nissan Leaf
  • BMW Active E
  • Chevy Volt, Malibu Eco
  • Toyota Prius, Prius v, Prius c, Prius Plug-in Hybrid
  • Honda Accord Plug-in, Civic, CR-Z, Insight
  • Lexus RX550H, CT200H, ES300H   ...and more!

Get the complete picture about Electric Drive Vehicles, in one place, at one time — every Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid car available on the market in New York State.

Sunday, April 28
11am - 5pm (rain or shine)
Grand Prix New York at the Park
333 North Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, NY
get a map
or call (914) 620-2411

Why Switch to Electric Drive Vehicles?

Because they save money, reduce pollution, increase energy independence, and create jobs.

Right now, dependence on oil threatens our nation’s economic, environmental and national security. And two-thirds of our total oil consumption is used just for transportation.

What would the impact be if we could get off oil and electrify our cars? Well, if we electrified just half of cars and light trucks in America, we could reduce oil consumption by nearly 5 million barrels a day — and say goodbye to OPEC.

We’d also improve human health and the environment. Cars and trucks in the United States emit about one million tons of CO2 every day. When we cut those emissions, we can all breathe easier.

The personal impact of an electric drive car is immediate and clear: never worry about the price of gas again! Imagine going to the gas station once a month, instead of a couple times a week.

Did You Know?
Electric vehicles date back to the early 1900s! Some of the first automobiles in the United States were electric. They were especially popular in cities. (Pictured: a Detroit Electric car from 1916. Source: Wikimedia.)

Is it easy to switch to an Electric Drive vehicle?
It sure is, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

There are three types of electric drive vehicles:

Electric Vehicles (EV), which have electric motors and are powered by electricity stored in a battery:

  • Powered exclusively by electricity; no gas is used
  • Has an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Battery charges last for a certain time period or range of miles driven
  • No need to go to gas station — cheaper to operate
  • No tailpipe emissions — cut CO2 emissions 100% when charged from Renewable Energy
  • Fewer moving parts and components — no transmission, engine, fuel injectors, radiator, spark plugs, oil or gas filters, muffler — means fewer maintenance expenses
  • Driving range in today’s cars from 60 up to 250 miles
  • Purchase price is slightly higher, but tax credit of $7500, plus savings on operation and maintenance, means long-term savings

Hybrid Cars (HEV) have an internal combustion engine and an electric motor:

  • Hybrid gas-electric cars are simple, fueled by gasoline but use a battery and electric motor to improve efficiency
  • Battery is recharged by reclaiming energy while braking or driving on engine power
  • Batteries are not plugged in
  • Car is powered by both gasoline engine and electric motor
  • Increases fuel efficiency by about 50%

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) are similar to Hybrids, but their battery can be plugged in:

  • Large battery packs can be recharged by plugging into normal household current or electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE)
  • Can be driven up to 40 miles without any gasoline
  • Projected to use 40% to 60% less oil than a conventional car
  • Exceptional fuel mileage and a range comparable to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles
  • Chevy Volt is first mass-produced Plug-in Hybrid

Want to know more about Electric Drive vehicles and their role in the changing economy and environment? Here are some great resources:

  • Plug-in America, a coalition of avid drivers and advocates for energy independence
  • The Sierra Club, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected groups dedicated to exploration, enjoyment, and protection of the planet
  • NRDC, the preeminent environmental action group
  • The EPA, the federal agency dedicated to environmental protection
  • The Electrification Coalition, a non-profit focused on reducing oil dependence and fostering innovation in electrification of transportation
  • The Electric Auto Association, which promotes the widespread adoption of electric vehicles

What's Happening at the Car Show?

Check out the latest models and get the complete picture about Electric Drive Vehicles, in one place, at one time — every Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid car available on the market in New York State!

Check-in, Registration

  • Be sure to register!
  • Pick up your discounted coupon for Grand Prix New York and sign up for a chance to win a free iPad Mini!

Ride & Drive

  • Take a spin in some of today’s most advanced Hybrid, Electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars — with MPGs from 45 to 105!

Owners’s Corner

  • Get the "inside scoop"
  • Talk to the owners of the Electric Drive vehicles
  • Ask them the benefits and issues of each of the cars

Charging Your Electric Drive Car

  • Discuss with the experts — charging in off-peak times, using solar power
  • See demonstrations of Charging Stations
  • Solar panels for garages
  • Talk with Solar Power Installers
  • Walk into the future and see how train stations, equipped with solar roof panels are perfect spot to charge your car
  • Imagine never going to a gas station again!

Municipal Fleet Vehicles

  • Learn how to save money and reduce pollution
  • Check out what local towns are doing with electric drive vehicles — traffic enforcement electric cars, hybrid sanitation trucks, hybrid transit buses
  • Find out how to analyze cost savings for your municipality over the lifetime of the vehicle

Business Owners

  • Find out how to save money with Electric fleet vehicles

Farmers, Landscapers, Horse Riders

  • Check out Electric pick-up trucks and other farm equipment

Students and Parents

  • Talk to the experts about how to build an Electric Car
  • Check out the fuel and maintenance savings on electric drive vehicles

Food and Beverages

  • Lunch, snacks and cold drinks

Q&A — 1pm

  • featuring Carl Vogel, Dennis Rowan, Paul Heitman,
    Jim Diamond, Seth Leitman
    and David Noland
    (See printed program for speaker biographies)
  • This is an opportunity to discuss with New York State’s most informed experts all of your questions about electric drive vehicles
  • All questions are welcome — from the simplest to the most complex!
  • Learn the difference between a Hybrid and a Plug-in Hybrid
  • Hear about the newest developments in the integration of electric vehicles to community smart grid development

Ribbon Cutting — 2pm

Check Out the Future — It's Here Today!


Vehicles on Display

Click the dealer logo to visit their site. Click the thumbnail of the car for a "beauty shot."

Arroway Chevrolet Chevrolet Volt Chevrolet Malibu Eco Lexus of Mount Kisco Lexus RH450H Lexus CT200H Lexus LS300H
Tesla Motors Westchester Tesla Model S Westchester Toyota Toyota Prius Toyota Prius C Toyota Prius V Toyota Prius Plug-in
BMW Mount Kisco BMW Active E Mount Kisco Honda Honda Accord Plugin Honda Civic Hybrid Honda Insight Hybrid Honda CRZ Hybrid

Already Own a Electric Drive Vehicle?
Come Show It Off!

Why not be part of the 2013 Car Show by bringing your vehicle and talking to people who are thinking about making the switch to a fuel-efficient vehicle?

When it comes to Electric Drive vehicles, the future is today, and you’re the proof. Your personal opinions and experiences may be the most powerful argument for making a change.

If you’re willing to join us on April 28th, download the Exhibitor Form by clicking here. Once you’ve filled it out and printed it, either scan and email it to us, or pop it in the mail.

Send email to: Midge Iorio,
Send mail to: Bedford 2020 Car Show,
PO Box 812, Bedford Hills, NY 10507

And if you are going to be at the 2013 Car Show...
spread the word!


Who's Who

ChargePoint believes that EVs are the future. But why wait? They didn’t — they built the world’s largest online network of EV charging stations, now operating in more than a dozen countries. ChargePoint mobile apps allow drivers to locate charging stations, check for availability, and provide real-time status.

City of New Rochelle, Hybrid Sanitation Truck
This hybrid diesel-electric sanitation truck allows the vehicle to work off electric power on demand as an alternative to the usual diesel power. The plug-in feature provides fuel savings, 50% reduction in emissions of particulates and hydrocarbons.

Community Energy District
The Bedford Community Energy District is a planned smart grid project which includes solar panels, electric vehicles, efficiency retrofits and energy management systems to enable businesses and residents to save money and help the environment.

Curtis Instruments
Curtis Instruments is a Mount Kisco-based, global design and manufacturing company.  Curtis moves the world, without carbon emissions, as the premier supplier of EV technology for motor control and instrumentation.  Curtis’ products for Medical, Airport, Construction, Golf and On-Road EV’s will be on display.

Electric Auto Association
The Electric Auto Association (EAA) is a non-profit that promotes the advancement and widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles. The EAA acts as a public source of information about electric vehicle technology, the building of electric vehicles, and public exhibits promoting electric vehicles.

Energize New York
Energize New York is a program to help homeowners improve energy efficiency by getting a home “tune-up” or “upgrade” so they can save money, live more comfortably, and stop wasting energy! Energize helps homeowners access state incentives and financing. Energize also helps homeowners find state certified, energy efficiency contractors whose home upgrade work has quality assurances.

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle
Meet Seth Leitman, the Green Living Guy. Seth is the author and/or editor of nine books, including: Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, and Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle.

Healthy Home Energy & Consulting
Healthy Home Energy & Consulting is a sister company to Brenner Builders. 25 years of experience in residential construction makes Healthy Home well suited to diagnose, recommend and implement whole house energy savings solutions. Stop by the Healthy Home table to see a Lucite model of a pressurized home that demonstrates “typical” home issues, and check out some of the tools used in the home assessment process.

Long Island Prius Owners Club
The Long Island Prius Owners Club was founded in 2005 by people wanting to swap tips on rewiring their cars to boost gas mileage. Stop by their table, meet some members, swap tips and get information about similar clubs in our area.

Love on the Run, Electric Food Truck
The Love on the Run electrically powered food truck is owned by Leslie Lampert, proprietor of Café of Love and Ladle of Love in Mount Kisco. The truck produces half the carbon footprint of a regular food truck. Its electric engine travels at a maximum of 25 miles per hour, and can travel 41 miles before needing to be charged again.

New York Power Authority
The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has helped make New York State a pacesetter in electric-drive and clean transportation technologies. Working with customers, NYPA has helped place more than 1,200 electric and hybrid-electric vehicles into service.

Real Goods Solar
Real Goods Solar is a full-service provider of solar power design, installation, financing, and monitoring for homes, businesses, schools, and governments. Visit their table today to learn more. Free give-aways!

REIV2Gs mission is to lower energy consumption and emissions through systems integration of EV fleets for businesses, governments and schools. REIV2G is showcasing several of their exciting projects and partnerships at the Car Show:

  • Fleetcarma and REIV2G won the U.S. DOE Apps for vehicles National Grand Challenge with their MyCarma app! Learn how to download the MyCarma App free, and start data logging your own car!
  • Village of Mount Kisco Fleet Assessment: REIV2G and fleetcarma have generously donated a fleet assessment for the Village of Mount Kisco. Visit the booth to learn how you municipality can benefit from a fleet assessment.
  • Micro-grid: EVs within a micro-grid is a shared theme with Joule Assets and REIV2G. They are joining together to create one of the first Renewable Energy Integrated Vehicle to Grid analyses within a micro-grid. This is on the cutting edge of EV planning. Very few cities are doing this type of systems integration with EV, RE and Smart Grid. It is laser’s edge! And you can see it first at the Bedford2020 Car show!

Safari Energy
Safari Energy is a leading developer of commercial-scale solar energy systems. They focus on creating customized solutions specifically for large real estate owners and users across the United States. Visit the Safari table to see an actual panel and racking materials assembled.

Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC
Stop by the Sunrise Solar table and see a wide range of solar system applications, including pictures of their Solar Car Port projects. They are a full service residential and commercial supplier and installer of solar energy products and solar PV systems in the New York Metro area.

Town of Bedford’s Nissan Leaf
Bedford has recently purchased two Nissan Leafs for use by their parking enforcement officers. In anticipation of future demand, the Town is also installing six charging stations throughout the community for use by owners of electric cars and two additional stations for municipal vehicles.

Via Motors
Check out Via Motors’ new Extended-Range Electric Vehicles (eREV). eREV vehicles not only have the potential to transform transportation, but also the way electric utilities like PG&E provide service to customers. These eREVs can provide exportable power to shorten unplanned outages, provide backup power for scheduled outages and boost the electric grid when needed.

Westchester County

  • Westchester County Airport: Westchester County has replaced all of Westchester County Airport’s motorized ground service equipment, like aircraft tractors, water trucks and baggage loaders, with electric versions. Check out the County’s display to see how the equipment is saving the county $ in fuel costs and eliminating emissions from greenhouse gasses and harmful pollutants.
  • Westchester County Hybrid Transit Bus: Westchester County purchased 95 hybrid buses which in 2009. The new Bee-Line buses replaced nearly a third of the county’s entire bus fleet — a step designed to reduce the carbon footprint and promote its climate change strategy.


Thank You!

The Bedford 2020 Transportation Task Force and the members of our Car Show Committee are focused on reducing the use of fossil fuels and the emissions from transportation vehicles in Bedford by helping residents learn about the benefits of driving less and shifting to more fuel efficient cars. This Car Show is their vision!


  • Michael Blakeney
  • Michael Cindrich
  • Ellen Rouse Conrad
  • Jim Diamond
  • Olivia H. Farr
  • Heather Flournoy
  • Robert Funicello
  • Gerard Hallock
  • Russell Hernandez
  • Midge Iorio
  • Mary Beth Kass
  • Seth Leitman
  • Nat Mundy
  • Caroline Niemczyk
  • Jim Palmer
  • Nat Rockett
  • Dennis Rowan
  • Mark Thielking
  • Carl Vogel
  • Luke Vander Linden
  • Heather V. Wolf
  • Jim Wood

Thank you to our participating local electric drive car owners! By sharing your experiences and “inside scoop”, you are making an important contribution to a shift to cars that emit fewer pollutants in our community.

The Committee also thanks the following people who generously donated their time and talent to bring you the Car Show:

  • Geoffrey Morris, Morris Media
  • Christopher Roberts, Really Social Strategies
  • Heather Flournoy, KatonahGreen
  • Lee V.A. Roberts, Supervisor, Town of Bedford